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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Access / Code of Conduct

Use of Zero Drivers and Zero Driving Teams (personal and designated driver services) are subject to and conditional on the following terms, conditions and mutual obligations being accepted by customers and drivers alike…

General Terms

  • At the time of booking a destination address will be required and notice of any intended detours or stop-offs en route is appreciated.
  • For both Zero Driver and Zero Driving Team bookings and particularly in busy city locations, any details such as a safe pick up point or the exact location of your vehicle, with details if they apply:- such as security gate codes or special car park access instructions is appreciated and goes a long way towards ensuring a smooth pickup.
  • Planning and booking ahead is the best way to ensure your ideal pickup time, however drivers are often available with as little as 15 minutes notice…
  • Priority service is given to those customers who have pre-booked.
  • If you have downloaded the ZeroDrivers App – you will be able to see your drivers vehicle on the map as it approaches the pickup point; your driver will call or sms that they are approaching and unless otherwise agreed they will not attempt to locate you by entering premises or property and will meet you at the pickup location or at your vehicle.
  • If you favour a particular driver you can note them in order in your ‘favourite driver’ section – that way they will automatically be notified and whenever possible – give you priority every time you make a booking!
  • As a courtesy Zero Drivers will allow customers 2 minutes of waiting time and Zero Driving Teams offer up to 5 minutes. If after that time you have not met with the driver they will commence calculating ‘Waiting Time’ at an additional cost of $1 per minute.
  • Should you wish to extend the standard 2 and 5 minute waiting periods – please let your Driver know immediately– if their schedule permits they are most often happy to oblige – additional fees will apply.

(Refer Cancellations/ Postponements below)


Cancellations / Postponements

 We understand that things don’t always go to plan – please advise your driver immediately of any change in plans or unforeseen delays- if required we will endeavour to assist

  • If no response or acknowledgement is received by your driver within 5 minutes of the scheduled pick up time for a ZeroDriver or within 10 minutes for a Zero Driving Team – the booking will be deemed to have been cancelled and a cancellation fee equivalent to the minimum charge for the service level that was booked will be charged.
  • Before midnight – in the event of postponement or cancellation of a job once the driver has arrived to the pickup point or has already been dispatched i.e. 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time and in the case of a Zero Driving Team-30 mins – A fee equivalent to the minimum charge for the service level that was booked will apply
  • After midnight – Charges equivalent to 50% of the estimated fee will apply in the event of a booking made for after midnight – that is subsequently cancelled after 11.30pm.



 In order to make a booking, you will be required to supply valid credit card details. We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

  • A booking fee of $2 (Inc GST) is applied to every booking and merchant fees are included in the total cost of the service.
  • All invoices carry a breakdown of costs including the GST component included in the total fees.
  • Please be aware drivers do not carry mobile ‘ATM or swipe’ machines, and are not authorised to accept payment in cash…
  • If you are a regular customer you may wish to avail yourself or your business of our Corporate Account* facilities – just give us a call during business hours to set it up! (*Minimum spend threshold applies)
  • If you download the ZeroDrivers App – you will have the opportunity to register up to three different credit cards – including American Express. So you can choose if you wish to charge a booking to a work related card or to your own card for your personal use.


Gratuities or ‘tips’ are entirely at the discretion of customers and should not be negotiated to replace standard fees and charges as laid out below.



  • All incidents involving personal injury, serious damage to vehicle/s or personal property are expected to be reported to My ZeroDriver Pty Ltd by the Zero Driver responsible at their earliest opportunity; during business hours to reception on 1300 699376, by email to teamsupport@zerodrivers.com.au or via the after-hours emergency contact number
  • It is suggested that all parties involved take as many photos of the situation as possible at the scene – at the time, as well as take note of any witness’s names and phone numbers.
  • Customers are cordially requested to also report the incident directly to My Zero Driver Pty Ltd within 24 hours of the event. Contact can be made via email to accounts@zerodrivers.com.au or by calling 1300699376 and requesting a call back within 24 hours from the CEO.
  • These procedures will assist with a speedy resolution in the unlikely event of a driver being at fault in an incident occurring which may require insurance assessment. Claims of a more serious nature or which may qualify for cover under our business insurance must immediately be referred directly to My Zero Driver Pty Ltd; we reserve the right to request an independent assessment of any claims and 3 quotes for any repairs deemed necessary.
  • No further liability for injury, loss or damage is implied or accepted by My Zero Driver Pty Ltd.


Our Drivers Code of Conduct

 Our drivers are selected based on their customer service ethic, clean driving record, and deference.

  • A sense of humour also goes a long way!
  • All our drivers have to undergo a comprehensive driving history check, a criminal history check and a medical assessment before being granted a “Driver Authorisation” or a Booked Hire Taxi Licence (BHTX) by Qld TMR
  • They are committed to providing you with a discreet and safe personal driving service.
  • We have a strict zero alcohol policy for personal drivers and their co-drivers.
  • We demand a high standard of personal presentation and a strong emphasis on customer focused service.
  • Drivers are also cognisant of and respectful of the privacy of individual customers and are under covenant not to discuss the personal movements or any matter in relation to customers personal behaviour they may witness; this excludes any concerns or misgivings regarding the personal safety related to or lawfulness of activities witnessed which may be divulged to My ZeroDriver Pty Ltd management and /or the relevant authorities.


Your Code of Conduct

 Whilst driving for you – either in their own vehicle as a Zero Driver or whilst driving your vehicle as a Zero Driving Team leader – your driver is legally in charge of that vehicle and as such is responsible for your safety and that of any other passengers present, as well as that of other road users; please be respectful and assist with any requests by him or her to ensure compliance with road rules and /or your safety and comfort.

All passengers are expected to comply with Queensland Department of Transport road rules and exercise common etiquette towards your Zero Driver or Zero Driving Team

  • All passengers must wear a seatbelt
  • Passengers are prohibited from extending any limbs or items outside of the vehicle
  • No alcohol is to be consumed inside the vehicle
  • Passengers should refrain from playing excessively loud music – this may be distracting for your driver and may void their liability in the event of an accident
  • Children must be restrained in approved safety restraints for their age and weight
  • Pets must be carried in the rear section of the vehicle in an appropriate restraint or carrier
  • Please refrain from using foul language or from any physical contact with your driver
  • Please do not request that drivers carry unsupervised minors – we will not escort minors without a parent or their designated guardian.


Failure to comply with our mutual Code of Conduct may result in access to services being denied.

Should your Zero Driver or Zero Driving Team Leader determine that either their safety or dignity has been, or is under threat of being compromised by the behaviour of a passenger/s – they reserve the right to decline a pick up or terminate a service once it has commenced – without recourse to them or My Zero Driver Pty Ltd


To maintain the integrity of the service and to ensure legal compliance, customers are respectfully asked to refrain from contacting drivers direct to request bookings or personal driving services from them. We also ask that customers report any driver suggesting these arrangements to you – to us!



  • Personal Drivers are available for extended services at a cost of $75.00 per hour, for a minimum 2-hour booking or for longer periods by agreement.
  • A booking fee of $2 applies to all bookings
  • Minimum charges – regardless of distance travelled, apply dependant on which service level is booked (as indicated on our published rates) ..link
  • For Zero Driving Teams – up to 5 minutes is included to allow you to assemble at your vehicle
  • For Zero Driver bookings – up to 2 minutes is included to allow you to meet with your driver.
  • After this time has elapsed your driver may apply ‘waiting time’ at $1 per minute

** Please be aware that individual drivers may have other commitments and may not be able to accommodate extended waiting periods. If you require an extended waiting period or reschedule a booking and another driver needs to be dispatched later, a cancellation fee may be incurred for the first booking.

  • Trip cost estimates are based on the shortest distance between suburbs – unless there is  State Highway alternative route – in which case the software calculator will default to suggesting that route! Final fees are calculated on the actual kilometres travelled plus the rate per minute (duration) of the trip combined, plus any tolls or additional fees incurred – such as car park entry fees incurred by the driver.
  • At the discretion of the driver-Waiting time rates or a fee of $5 per stop may be applied to any detours or extended stop offs between the pickup address and destination point.
  • A surcharge of 20% applies to all trips booked between 11.55pm and 6am, and 10% extra is applied all day on Gazetted Public Holidays.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Christmas Day and New Years Eve bookings are subject to driver availability and fees may be up to double the standard rate


Designated Driving Teams: Vehicle compliance / Insurance

 It is our inherent assumption that in booking the services of and designating a Zero Driving Team Leader through My Zero Driver Pty Ltd either by calling 1300 699376 or making a booking direct via the Zero Drivers consumer App for a driver to drive your vehicle, that your vehicle is compliant with the state government registration, roadworthy and insurance related legislation and carries at a minimum Third Party Insurance.

  • In the event of an incident occurring in which your sub-contracted Zero Driving Team leader is proven not to be at fault – no responsibility will be held by the Zero Driving Team Leader or My Zero Driver Pty Ltd.
  • In the event that an incident should occur in which your sub-contracted driver is found to have been at fault, the subcontracted Zero Driving Team Leader responsible may offer a goodwill payment equivalent to the ‘excess’, as noted on the vehicle owners insurance policy for the vehicle the Zero Driving Team Leader was engaged to drive; and their liability under this clause is limited to $750 per incident.
  • Accidents involving third parties, property damage or personal injury must be reported to the Police


  • The information we collect in regard to your use of the service is retained for the exclusive use of My Zero Driver Pty Ltd and its sub contracted Zero Drivers and Zero Driving Teams – in order to provide you with that service; and to refer to for future bookings in order to assist you with a speedier booking process.
  • Credit or charge card details entered via our website are securely stored on a third party server – namely Stripe– and our team do not have any access to these details, nor are they accessible in the unlikely event that security on or access to our website was compromised.
  • We are never going to sell your data – except in the event that the business was sold or transferred to another entity. In that case, we would notify you via email -if we have that data -and publish the sale via other electronic & social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and our website – allowing you the opportunity to contact the new entity and withdraw your data if you so desired.
  • Further reference is made to customer privacy in our Code of Conduct (below)


Win $1000 Credit From Zero Drivers Competition

  1. The promotional period commences Monday 16 October 2017 at 06:00 AEST and closes Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 12:00 AEST. The promoter is Zero Drivers Pty Ltd.
  2. Only Australian residents are eligible to enter this competition.
  3. In order to participate in this random draw, you must follow the link to www.zerodrivers.com.au/competition and fill out the form.
  4. By entering, participants agree to receive all future marketing communications from Zero Drivers.
  5. Participants are limited to 1 entry only. Qualified participants will go into a random draw to determine the winner. 1 x winner will be randomly selected via Woobox and their name will be posted on the Zero Drivers’ Facebook page.
  6. The winner will be made contacted via email or phone.
  7. The draw will take place at Media Junkies, 88, Level 2, Musgrave street, Kirra 4225 QLD.
  8. The prize packs will be made up of$1000 worth of rides to be used by 22 December 2017. The rides are not transferable between riders. Max 2 trips per day to a value of up $20 per ride. (Max 50 trips). No unspent balance is redeemable (if individual rides are less than $20 the balance cannot be carried forward). Pick-ups can be made from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia only.
  9. Zero Drivers is not liable for any technical issues on Facebook, website or internet access issues occurring during any part of this promotion. If any problems happen, the prize draw will occur on the following workday.
  10. Neither Zero Drivers’ employees and family nor agents of Zero Drivers are eligible for this promotion.
  11. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other services.
  12. Prizes not claimed will be re-drawn on Friday 3 November 2017. If not claimed in this process will repeat until the prize is gone.