Zero Drivers

Drive with us, build your own business, earn more, be appreciated.

We are looking for the best, so naturally we’re going to want to get to know you a little better –only successful applicants will gain access to our exclusive Drivers App.

We’re currently looking for customer focussed drivers for: the Gold Coast and Brisbane commutes. We have a code of conduct for our customers and our drivers which you will need to agree to:

You must agree to our dress code.

All our vehicles are strictly non- smoking.

We don’t have any 2 door or Micro Cars.

You've had an Australian Driving License for at least 3 years.

My Car is less than 10 years old or less than 150,000 Klms

We're introducing a new generation of ride share and we’re a bit different about how we select our drivers too!

Why Drive For Us?

Work from home (or wherever you choose), 1 day a week or 7

Earn more with our competitive rates.

Your passengers chose you as their favourite driver, and bingo before you know it you’re creating your own group of customers!

Grow a loyal and happy customer base all over the Gold Coast or in your own neighbourhood – it’s all up to you!

We demand respect for both our drivers and our customers.

We’re local – at the other end of the phone to provide support for you – and your customers.

W​e offer a range of personalised transport options including but not limited to: ride share, personal chauffeurs to drive customers vehicles, drivers/guides ‘by the hour’, lady drivers and some specialised licensed drivers too.

Why Do We Want You?

You love to drive, meet new people and earn extra income at the same time.

You enjoy providing great customer service and have a good sense of humour too
- it goes a long way in this business! 

​What do you do next?

We are looking for the best, so naturally we’re going to want to get to know you a little better.

We’re currently looking for drivers to cover: Gold Coast and Brisbane commutes.

Sound interesting?

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