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​Drive with us

​Join the new generation of personal drivers

​​Build ​​your own business, earn more, be appreciated.

We are looking for the best, so ​we want to get to know you ​better.
Only successful applicants will gain access to our exclusive Drivers App. ​
Please note - you cannot gain access to jobs from the ZeroDrivers customer App.

​Are You ​Our Next Zero Driver?

We’re currently looking for customer focused drivers for: ​Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern suburbs. 

We have a code of conduct for our customers and our drivers which you will need to agree to:

  • ​Dressing in a professional manner.
  • Drive with us, build your own business, earn more, be appreciated.
  • Present a strictly non- smoking vehicle.
  • We don’t offer a service level for 2 door, micro or small cars.
  • You will need to show that you have held an Australian Driving License for at least 3 years.
  • Your car will need to be presented in perfect condition, no more than 10 years old or traveled less than 150,000K

We offer a premium pre-booked personal driver service.
We’re a bit different about how we select our drivers too!

​Why ​​Drive ​​With ​Us?

Drive with us, build your own business, earn more, be appreciated.

  • ​Work from home (or wherever you choose), 1 day a week or 7.
  • Earn more with our competitive rates and lower commission (approx 1.6 x other operators!).
  • Your passengers can chose you as their favourite driver, and ​before you know it you’re creating your own group of customers!
  • Grow a loyal and happy customer base - close to home or as far afield as you like!
  • Be rewarded for attracting your own customers and receive bonuses for each new Corporate account you sign up. 
  • We demand respect for both our drivers and our customers.
  • We’re local – at the other end of the phone to provide support for you – and your customers.
  • We are a fully accredited Booking Entity (Qld BEA# 01128) and offer a range of personalised pre-booked transport options including but not​
  • limited to: personal chauffeurs to drive customers vehicles, drivers/guides ‘by the hour’, ​female drivers and some specialised licensed drivers too.