Zero Drivers – Your Car or Ours
Zero Drivers

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A new generation of ride share.
Now you can choose: your car or ours?

A new generation of ride share - Your car or Ours?

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we drive you

Our Zero Drivers are customer service focused and experienced.

Our specially selected Zero Drivers will pick you up, from wherever you are and take you to wherever you want to go

Just like similar ‘ride share’ companies, only wholly Australian, with 17 years experience in providing personalised transport.

Call 1300 699 376 or Download our App: ZeroDrivers, book us whenever you need. You can also create your own profile and book online 

Never wait for a taxi again; trust a local and travel in comfort and style with a friendly, professional driver.

Our Zero Driving teams will drive you and your car home, from wherever you are on the Gold Coast to wherever you want to go.

Fear not leaving your beloved wheels out overnight (or the cost of the car park!) & no going back tomorrow for the car!

 Have that extra glass of wine or travel safe if life gets in the way of you driving.

Let us move your car, commercial vehicle or trailer from A to B.

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