Become a Driver 2018 – Zero Drivers

Why drive with Zero?

We are a new generation of personal designated drivers

Why Drive With Us?

Work with a friend to earn extra money...
Are you an independent driver and value pre-scheduled jobs?
Are you retired or
 looking for a top-up income?  

Do you enjoy the driving but not all the 'back office stuff' and reporting?

We are a premium Designated Personal Driver option for discerning consumers & drivers!

We drive our customers vehicles for them!
Our driver associates are carefully selected for their pro-active approach, professional attitude & presentation, impeccable driving record, deference and 

sense of humour!

We’re different! 

We’re Australian and We Drive our Customers Cars for them!

Our Business Operates South East QLD (Gold Coast to Brisbane)
and Northern NSW (Tweed to Byron Bay)

For over 18 years we’ve been driving our customers cars for them! This entails us being designated drivers or personal chauffeurs, driving a customers own vehicle. This requires two drivers and we call it TEAM driving.

Why not make the most of your already work related and expensed vehicle and licenses?

If you have a partner, wife, family member, flatmate or rideshare driving mate whose company you enjoy and could work with you as a co-driver to pick you up from customer destinations & return you to your car or base, then you can work together as a TEAM and increase your earning capacity! (In city locations you may not even need your own car or a co-driver at all- just ask us how!)

We work with pro-active drivers and support them in promoting themselves in their preferred market.
We also actively encourage our customers to select their favourite and therefore repeat drivers.
You are rewarded for your efforts and great service by a growing list of loyal customers who want YOU as their Personal Driver!

Our Business Operates South East QLD (Gold Coast to Brisbane)
and Northern NSW (Tweed to Byron Bay)

What Zero can do for YOUR customers?

  • A choice of booking methods: -
  • By phone:  1300 699376 (1300myzero) business hours, seven days a week.
  • check
    Online: 24/ 7 @
  • check
    Via our App: Zero- Your Personal Driver- 24/7
  • check
    If you or they prefer, they can even continue to call you personally, & you can input their booking through your own Agency account
  • An sms, email or app notification confirming booking details such as: - date and time of pickup, the service requested, which card they wish to charge etc
  • A chat or call button from their App, so they can contact you direct once the booking is made.
  • A notification when you're on your way & another one when you actually arrive at the pickup address.
  • If they choose to use the App, your car’s map location can be seen on approach
  • A choice of payment options: -
  • Personal Credit Card – including American Express
  • check
    Business Credit Card- Including American Express & the option to choose which one to apply for each trip
  • A GST compliant invoice / receipt automatically emailed at the end of each ride- with your name on it, so they don’t forget you!
  • There is a history of all their bookings within their App
  • Offer them a choice of service: Book one trip at a time or book you by the hour for special occasions...
  • If you’re not available and they’re in a hurry they can book for ‘next available’
  • They can be assured that if ever you are not available, their driver will provide the same professional approach, personal service as you
  • They can book for regular or one-off events, days, weeks or even months ahead.

What can we do for YOU? PRACTICAL STUFF

  • Take all your calls,personalise the response,and manage your bookings and driving diary 
  • Confirm all job details, via your Driver App: Including: - Customers name, chat box/auto dial features built in, day, date & time of pickup, any special location, parking or pick up notes, details of the vehicle being collected, pick up and destination addresses and an estimate of the job value.
  • Record a complete and detailed electronic audit trail of each booking from the moment its entered through to how and when its paid for and acquitted! 
  • This electronic record is required as proof of compliance and is critical evidence required in the event of an Insurance claim.
  • We take responsibility as the Operator so we manage all the reporting and legislative requirements in each state 
  • No risk of fraudulent payments - we accept that risk for you!
  • Weekly job summary and payments banked on Wednesdays
  • You can take time off and trust your customers will be there when you return!
  • Competitive published consumer rates, reflecting a premium service
  • Give you access to real driver support: by phone and individual email - no robot replies!
  • Operate under a transparent Code of Conduct between Customers & Drivers
  • As well as our ‘in App 5-star rating’ system, there’s a step by step Grievance Procedure for both Customers & Drivers before ‘deactivation’ is considered...

What can we do for YOU? MARKETING STUFF

  • The kudos of being part of a nationally growing Australian company, whose focus is on providing a premium high level of service to discerning customers and a mutual level of respect for drivers and customers alike!
  • Top 3 ranking professionally maintained website to back you up
  • Upload your customer list or start adding customers who have selected you as their favourite driver to our system and send them a welcome email message signed by you!
  • A ‘kick-starter’ self-promotion pack including: - Tips on how to ‘sell yourself’, High Quality DL flyers for you to distribute and use to introduce your Personal Designated Driver services to your target or local market. 
  • Print ready artwork and link for you to order your own quality professional business cards.
  • 30  “Blank” promotion cards, introducing you & Zero and offering new customers $5 off their next trip. ...thats $150 value for you to give away to your new customers (These cards come blank for you to handwrite your name)
  • Quarterly email updates …again FROM YOU to your personal customer list
  • Monthly generic email from Zero Drivers – with general updates such as “We now have drivers in - your location! And general brand awareness messages.
  • A mention (& photo of you and your car if you agree!) on our Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and regionally targeted Consumer e-newsletters
  • A welcome introduction on our Facebook Driver Group page, only if you wish!
  • A template for you to introduce yourself via email to friends / colleagues / prospects
  • A ‘how to’ guide to help you introduce your Personal Designated Driver Services on your local Facebook Community Pages or Community groups 
  • Company Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence to add to the brand kudos.
  • Ongoing Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns
  • LinkedIn Company page
    *Additional flyers available at additional cost

What you need to consider
before getting started

  • You will need acquaint yourself and comply with all the state legislated driving and vehicle licensing applicable in your home state. (Links below to your state authority) 
  • You’ll need to be independent in identifying your preferred location or market segment, and understand you will be largely responsible for marketing or selling yourself in that location or market segment.
  • You will need to agree to our Code of Conduct. It refers to elements such as personal and vehicle presentation, privacy, safety, communication and integrity.
  • You will also need to agree to our Dress Code which promotes a smart professional appearance and e.g. does not allow for casual attire.

… and once you are started?

  • You will need to get busy introducing and promoting yourself! People prefer to do business with people that they know, like & have learned to trust – especially when they’re local!
  • Keep in touch with us! If you don’t consider yourself a salesperson, we are here to assist with tips and tools to help!!
  • Let us know what days & hours you plan to work; This applies whether you’re exclusively servicing your own customers or also making yourself available to ours.

To view more information on Driver Authorisation and licensing requirements in your state please click below: